True Adventure

There is another world out there — a world that is hidden to most people, a world that offers true adventure (the kind you dream about). I found this world by accident, and it changed my life entirely. will show you, regardless of your background, what it’s like to work on the front lines of human knowledge, where true adventure follows.


I’ve spent the past 10+ years in the science game, studying marine biology, and I’ve lived true adventure through a side of science that I never knew existed. I’m talking about living in remote locations that few people see, battling storms and angry seas, and interacting with (and sometimes defending against) wildlife, in a quest to answer pressing questions about the world, questions that no one, on Earth, has been able to answer…yet.


Nature is as unpredictable and dangerous as it is breathtaking. Consequently, working in nature requires split-second decisions that can decide the fate of your research (into which you’ve invested countless hours) and, sometimes, the fate of your research team.


If you thought true adventure was only in history books and fairy tales, think again! (*And subscribe to our YouTube channel here*)