Xochitl Clare

Xochitl Clare| Vlogger, Marine Biologist & Performing Artist

Xochitl Clare is a first generation Latina African American with island heritage (Jamaica and Belize) — “where the importance of life at sea is in our folktales, music, and food”. While most of the world’s resources come from the sea, we are only recently learning about how climate change poses a threat to all that the ocean gives. Growing up in a low-income Latino neighborhood in Southern California, Xochitl has firsthand experience with socioeconomic barriers associated with interacting with the marine world. However, Xochitl’s background in both marine biology and the performing arts empowers her with insight on how to increase public engagement in marine sciences. Today, in the lab and at sea, Xochitl investigates how climate change affects important fished species for her Ph.D. work at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Using her multicultural background and interdisciplinary lens, Xochitl connects with the public to improve our relationship with our blue backyards.

Videos from Xochitl: