Rossana Maguiña

Vlogger, Pollination Biologist

Rossana was born in the Peruvian Amazon and lived there until the age of 17, when she moved to Lima to study biology. Since she was a child, she wanted to be a scientist; no one in her family is a scientist and no one knows why she chose that profession. While studying biology she finally understood what being a scientist means: advancing the knowledge of humans about its natural world and discovering the wonders of nature; and she felt in love with the idea of dedicating her life to do that. After getting her bachelor’s degree she knew that to pursue a career in science in the field of pollination biology she had to leave Peru. She has earned several scholarships to continue her graduate studies in the US, where she is currently pursuing a doctorate degree. Rossana likes to be called a Neotropical Pollination Biologist, she has studied different groups of plants and pollinators, and has traveled to several Latin American countries to conduct her research. Additionally, Rossana is a volunteering mentor for organizations that empower Latin American students and help them to achieve their professional goals. Rossana feels honored to increase the diversity in STEM, being female, Latina, and a person with a disability.

Videos from Rossana: