Prosanta Chackrabarty

Prosanta Chackrabarty speaks during Fellows Session at TED2018 – The Age of Amazement, April 10 – 14, 2018, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Photo: Ryan Lash / TED

Evolutionary Biologist

Dr. Prosanta Chakrabarty grew up in Queens New York wanting to escape into the Amazon and Pacific Ocean (the ocean he is named after). Visiting the Bronx Zoo and American Museum of Natural History (places where he would later work) inspired him to become a zoologist. He was educated in New York public schools before going to McGill University to study zoology, the University of Michigan for his PhD in evolutionary biology, and finally to his current job as curator of fishes and professor at Louisiana State University. He is a Senior Fellow at TED and a Fulbright Distinguished Chair, as well as a former Program Officer at the National Science Foundation.