Marcela Uliano da Silva

Vlogger, Bioinformatician

Dr. Marcela Uliano da Silva is the second kid of a Brazilian working-class family and, thanks to her dad, an unlikely event: she is the first in the family to have a Ph.D in a country with one of the worst social mobilities in the world. Growing up, Marcela was interested in pun rock, history and social sciences. Until today she does not know exactly why she chose to take a bachelor’s in Biology, but she is very glad she did. Marcela attended public universities during her BS, MS and Ph.D in Brazil, and earned scholarships throughout the entire time to afford her living expenses. She studies the better ways to assemble and make sense of the information coded on the genomes of diverse animals, from golden mussels to sloths. Marcela is now a genome biologist, TED Fellow and Marie Sklodowska Curie Postdoctoral scientist in Germany. With time, she understood that her equal passion for social and hard sciences was actually the key for a good science practice and communication. Science changes human history and is changed by it. Only together, scientists and non-scientists, we are going to be able to overcome the many environmental challenges that wait for us just around the corner. Join us in this channel, so we can take this journey together.

Videos from Marcela: