Joe Pfaller

Lead Vlogger, Sea Turtle Biologist

A biologist since Huggies®, Joe was never far from the nearest forest, creek, ocean or subterranean garbage can imprisoning a frightened lizard or frog. Son to two MDs, medicine never appealed to his sense of wonder, diversity and adventure. Seeing the world and finding animals was Joe’s abstract “dream job” as a kid, but it wasn’t until he volunteered on a sea turtle research project at the age of 15 that a career in science became his goal. Joe continued working for the sea turtle project while honing his knowledge and skills in biology and collecting degrees (BS, MS and PhD) … Joe knows Grad School! Joe is now the Research Director of that same non-profit sea turtle project, where he applies cutting-edge science to unravel the mysteries of sea turtle biology while guiding intrepid groups of public volunteers to experience sea turtles and science firsthand. Joe is passionate about science communication and literacy. He firmly believes that deepening and broadening humanity’s understanding and appreciation for science will lead to a more happy, healthy and harmonious future for not just humans but also for the wildlife and wild spaces of this planet.

Videos from Joe: