Isaac Ligocki

Vlogger | Behavioral Ecologist

Isaac grew up spending as much time as he could outside exploring the world around him. He always enjoyed science, and loved watching wildlife documentaries and reading about nature. By the time he was in college he knew he wanted to do something science related, but wanted to make sure he could help make the world a better place through it. Teaching high school science seemed like a great path forward to engage with a subject he loved and to make a difference. Though he loved teaching high school students, it became increasingly clear to Isaac that DOING science is one of the best ways to learn about science – something he hadn’t truly done a great deal of himself. That led Isaac to a masters program studying social behavior in a fascinating species of fish, and eventually a Ph.D. and a few postdocs studying how animals interact with one another, and how the environment they live in impacts those interactions. Isaac is now an Assistant Professor at Millersville University in Pennsylvania, USA, where he’s working to develop young scientists and lifelong learners by giving them the opportunity to DO science.