Colin Howe

Ph.D. Candidate, Tropical Marine Ecologist

Colin Howe, whose family comes from the Caribbean, is deeply fascinated and intrigued by the natural phenomenon that occurs in tropical marine ecosystems. Growing up in a military family, Colin has travelled across the states and abroad completing his first discover scuba dive at the age of 14 in Australia. While earning his B.S. in Biology, Colin also served as a mentor for first year students interested in a career within marine science. In fact, not only did he establish the Marine Biology Student Association at Old Dominion University, but he has subsequently filled multiple positions throughout his career ranging from internships, to teaching and research assistantships, to employment with the state of Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Research Institute in the Florida Keys. Colin has recently joined Dr. Medina’s lab at Penn State University to pursue a Ph.D. in coral microbiology. His Ph.D. will focus on the coral microbiome and how endosymbionts and endolithic algal communities influence coral physiology. Overall, Colin understands how fundamental diversity is not only towards the health and resiliency of tropical marine ecosystems but also towards the scientists, teachers, and policy writers who work to learn, educate, and protect these vital habitats. Colin truly believes that with a diverse group of people with their own experiences and ideas, we can collectively develop innovative solutions to not only address climate change, but also build a resilient and sustainable relationship with the tropical marine ecosystems he deeply loves.

Videos by Colin