Chandler Sanchez

External Affairs Chair

Chandler grew up between the north-metro Denver area and the rural Southern Rocky Mountains, where his fascination for the environmental world is rooted. It was in highschool when he was exposed to the school greenhouse, that he became enamored with plant life, and he’s been chasing that wonder ever since. Being the first in his family to go to college and coming from a low-income, Latino community, he found his undergraduate experience at the University of Colorado Boulder to be a bit of a culture shock, and it motivated him to focus more on equity within STEM. In the process of attaining his Bachelor’s in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Political Science, Chandler has worked as an organizer and climate justice researcher for Colorado People’s Alliance, a science communication intern for SciAll’s Science Production Studio, and an on-and-off barista! Though he’s young, he hopes to meaningfully combine his passion for science communication and social equity to hopefully make science a more transparent and accessible space. You can probably find him making plant pressings, posting book reviews to his Instagram, or hiking with his dog Puddles!