Anya Brown

Vlogger, Marine Community Ecologist

Anya Brown grew up in suburban town in New York. As a kid, she was an avid reader and devoured Madeline L’Engle books – including a Ring of Endless Light, which was about a girl, a marine biologist and a dolphin biology. After that, she was pretty sure she wanted to be a marine biologist (and thought that maybe she could learn to talk to dolphins – spoiler alert – she did not). She took advantage of opportunities in middle school, high school and college to explore marine biology – from oceanography camps to working in labs to classes focused on marine biology and ecology. These adventures brought her to islands where she immediately fell in love with corals and the complex interactions they have, both with teeny tiny microbes on their surface and their tissues, and bigger organisms that they are around (their community). Now, she is a marine community ecologist and studies things big and small in the ocean at the University of Florida. Along the way she has been passionate not only about marine ecology but encouraging women in science through groups on campus. At UGA she co-founded a women in science campus group as well as volunteered at events that encouraged interactions between scientists and the public. She is so excited to be part of!

Videos from Anya: