Adrian Perez

Adrian Perez | Vlogger, Social Insect Biologist

Adrian was born and raised in rural South Carolina. He grew up working on his neighbor’s farm and exploring the woods surrounding his home. From a young age, Adrian knew he wanted to study how animals evolve and why they evolve to live in such different types of societies: from the very unsocial spiders he used to catch and keep as pets to the highly gregarious cows and goats he got to observe on the farm. Born to two Guatemalan immigrants, his parents instilled in him a great sense of value in education and hard work. He and his brother were the first in their extended family to attend and graduate college, and Adrian was the first to pursue a science degree. Now in graduate school at UC Davis for Animal Behavior, Adrian works on understanding how complex honeybee societies coordinate thousands of workers towards a unified purpose and how bees crowded in a nest prevent and inhibit disease transmission through individual and collective behaviors. His passion for uplifting other individuals from underrepresented groups has led him to SciAll, along with other work with the UC Davis animal behavior blog (“The Ethogram”) and the UC Davis outreach group “Equity in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Entrepreneurship” (ESTEME).

Videos from Adrian: