Our Team

SciAll.org is a passion project. Each of our scientists volunteers her/his time through our platform to diversify access to the amazing world of STEM.


Dr. Jessica Green | Board Member
Christopher Ategeka | Board Member
Dr. Tierney Thys | Board Member

Core Team

Dr. Katlin Bowman | Vlogger, Chemical Oceanographer
Dr. Shohini Ghose | Vlogger, Quantum Physicist
Dr. Prosanta Chackrabarty | Vlogger, Evolutionary Biologist
Dr. Catharine Young | Vlogger, Neuroscientist
Dr. Moriba Jah | Vlogger, Astrodynamicist
Dr. Sheref Mansy | Vlogger, Chemist
Dr. Renée Hložek | Vlogger, Cosmologist
Dr. Alexis Gambis | Vlogger, Microbiologist + Filmmaker

Partnering & Supporting Organizations