Mike_Gil_headshot_crop.jpgTo fulfill the mission of SciAll.org, “to connect the public with science”, I not only produce web-based videos accessible to all, but I also deliver various talks to public audiences of all sizes and backgrounds — from middle and high schoolers to retirees, anywhere from campuses, libraries, and special events, to bars and pubs. I love to share the world of science ‘behind the scenes’, as well as the lessons I’ve learned throughout my career as a marine biologist. Fortunately, the adventures that come with my job — like conducting field experiments in shark-filled waters in French Polynesia or sailing across the Pacific to study carbon and plastic pollution — provide great stories to convey the elegance, excitement, and utter importance of the scientific process and how this process relates to our everyday lives. For booking inquires, email me at mikegil [at] sciall.org.