Save the World

I am convinced that we can do this. We can save the world. From what, you ask? From ourselves. Here’s how:

Be a critical thinker. I know, at first, something so simple and obvious seems unlikely to “save the world”. However, critical thinking is the most powerful tool we possess, and it is our one defense against the greatest shortcoming of human nature: our urge to over exploit for excessive personal gain. To save the world, we must fight this aspect of human nature (in ourselves and in others). Only then can we sustain Mother Nature, on which our global civilization depends.


We live in a fascinating new era of fully accessible information. Now, so many voices can be heard, including some voices that seek to empower people through education. However, other voices seek to over exploit at the expense of many, and money can amplify these voices, drowning out the others. Thus, objectivity has never been more critical than it is right now.

Critical thinking and objectivity form the very basis of science: ask a question and find the true answer, not the answer that suits a particular agenda, not the answer that is based on an opinion, but the answer that is based on evidence, collected (often painstakingly) using methods that maintain objectivity. Only with such answers can we effectively navigate the challenges of our time; only with such answers can we sustain our way of life and save the world — our world.


Fortunately, despite what you may have heard from certain voices, science is without religious, political, or cultural affiliation — it is a utility, meant to serve ALL, it is accessible to ALL (anyone can do it, really), and in a way, we are ALL scientists (everyone is curious about their world and uses observations to test ideas — from a mechanic in a garage, to a cook in a kitchen). delivers true adventure stories from behind the scenes of science to ALL, with the aim of: (1) empowering viewers with knowledge of the process of science, and (2) popularizing science, critical thinking and objectivity — with these tools, we can save the world. So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe, and let’s do this!