Misconception: Scientists have Hidden Agendas


Claiming scientists seek something other than the truth is like saying: “Hey, I’m a liar.” There are people out there (*cough* politicians *cough*) that suggest that the science scientists do is influenced by ulterior motives, namely money and a need for acceptance. News flash: scientists LIVE for the pursuit of the TRUTH – any money

Misconception: Scientists are Geeks


Scientists aren’t the ‘enigmatic geniuses’ that Hollywood pegs us as. Listen up – you might even save science (and the world) in the process! No doubt, many, many scientists have geeky tendencies, like calling out the scientific names of organisms we encounter or using ‘orders of magnitude’ in everyday speak. But to assume that the

Misconception: Science is Boring


Saying ‘science is boring’ is like saying ‘baby pandas aren’t cute’. It is utter NONSENSE. After over 10 years in the science game, I can tell you that ‘science’ is very misunderstood. I don’t blame people; frankly, I thought science was insanely boring growing up – who cares about all these facts?! It wasn’t until