From the (sea) horse's mouth...

Science Fuels Humanity

Science may have bored you in school, but it is literally THE reason our society persists today. The process of science underlies nearly every facet of modern life that we hold dear, and you engage in this process every day. However, for science to provide critical support to all of humankind, we must embrace this

What it’s like to ACTUALLY be a marine biologist

Sharks, whales, dolphins, corals — it’s all part of the game. But there’s more to marine biology than adventures with wildlife in the field. It takes dedication and a thirst for discovery to keep you writing successful grants, publishing influential research, and pushing forward our collective knowledge of marine life! Subscribe to show your support

Want to be a marine biologist? Step 1 for anyone

Looking to dedicate yourself to adventure and uncovering mysteries of the ocean? Marine biology might be for you – here’s the first step, no matter your age. The most common question I get from aspiring marine biologists is: “Where do I start?”, followed closely by: “What school/college/university should I attend?”, “What major should I have?”,