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Becoming a TED Fellow (next stop: Tanzania!)

A bit about where I’m going after our expedition in Thailand and why. You can read more about TED Fellows here: To support my campaign, to share the exhilarating process and invaluable products of science with the masses, subscribe:… To provide even more support, please consider joining us on Patreon: Social media:

Advice for young scientists: follow your gut!

If you’re a young scientist and you’re struggling with the ‘juggling act’, you’re not alone! But as you juggle, don’t forget to stay true to you. The best scientists I know (marine biologists or otherwise) do this very well. To support my campaign, to share the exhilarating process and invaluable products of science with the

Marine biologists in training tell ALL

I just wrapped up teaching a field course to university students interested in getting hands-on research experience. They got that and more, while spending three weeks living and working in Akumal, Mexico. Many of these students plan to become professional marine biologists, while others are going into medicine or dentistry. But all of them share

How much marine biologists get PAID

Many people want to know how much marine biologists get paid, as in how much the make, salary-wise doing their job. I give you my take in this video, but it’s important to not that this VARIES a lot among jobs, institutions, and locations (e.g., cities, countries, etc.). There are MANY ways to be a

Science Fuels Humanity

Science may have bored you in school, but it is literally THE reason our society persists today. The process of science underlies nearly every facet of modern life that we hold dear, and you engage in this process every day. However, for science to provide critical support to all of humankind, we must embrace this

What it’s like to ACTUALLY be a marine biologist

Sharks, whales, dolphins, corals — it’s all part of the game. But there’s more to marine biology than adventures with wildlife in the field. It takes dedication and a thirst for discovery to keep you writing successful grants, publishing influential research, and pushing forward our collective knowledge of marine life! Subscribe to show your support

Want to be a marine biologist? Step 1 for anyone

Looking to dedicate yourself to adventure and uncovering mysteries of the ocean? Marine biology might be for you – here’s the first step, no matter your age. The most common question I get from aspiring marine biologists is: “Where do I start?”, followed closely by: “What school/college/university should I attend?”, “What major should I have?”,