Detained in Hong Kong for this essential piece of equipment

Heather and I were detained by authorities at the airport in Hong Kong and held for about 30 minutes (in the back of a black van, parked next to our plane) as they searched our stuff, because we had some prohibited items (for science!). We single-handedly delayed our flight (thank goodness they didn’t leave without

Back to field work in the Gulf of Thailand!

Heather and I are BACK living and working on remote islands in the Gulf of Thailand this summer, studying coral reefs. It’s going to be an exciting summer, so subscribe to watch what being a marine biologist working (for real) in the field is actually like! To support my campaign, to share the exhilarating process

Monster jellyfish forms ‘alien planet’ for school of fish

This was one of the coolest and most unexpected wildlife encounters I’ve had while doing field research. This impressive beast is known as Anomalorhiza shawi, and it blew our minds, while we were researching coral reef fish ‘algal-eating’ (and, thus, ‘ecosystem-protecting’) behavior in Thailand. Experiences like this are a MAJOR perk to being a marine

The mobile ‘Fear Frame’ up close (Coral reef expedition, Thailand)

Our latest invention, which allows us to spy on schools of fish to reveal secrets about their behavior and how they function to protect coral reefs — this is the mobile ‘Fear Frame’. Specifically, we use this to collect boat-loads of footage of fish foraging (eating) behavior and fish predator avoidance behavior (avoidance of natural