WORST thing about field work


Least favorite thing about Marine Biology fieldwork

What is Dr. Mike Gil’s least favorite thing about doing field research?


Specifically, when doing fieldwork there tends to be A LOT of gear. Oftentimes weird stuff too that requires odd packaging (sometimes, suspect looking packaging in the eyes of a security agent at an airport…).

Check out this part of the video as Mike walks through his bags while in the field in Thailand.

It can be an unbelievable amount of stuff to haul framework, diving equipment, electrical, camera gear, hardware and mapping sticks… Some of it requires a bag nearly 6 feet tall! It is intense hauling sometimes hundreds of pounds of gear. Plus, it’s exhausting. Especially when you’re in the tropics and sweating like crazy. Plus, you’re often in beautiful places surrounded by vacationing westerners who brought a small amount of luggage and are giving scientists very confused looks.

Fun thing is, they bring the bare minimum! Especially since you’re not quite sure if the airline is going to let you on with everything…

You may have noticed in Mike’s Thailand fieldwork videos, he’s wearing the same outfit. That’s because he didn’t bring much else beyond his research gear!

Pro Tip: Shower in your clothes Field Biologists! It saves tons of room for clothes. Shower in your clothes then dry them out, you only need a couple pairs of anything.

Overall though, it’s not that bad. You just have to muscle yourself through it. And hey, you get great exercise!

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