Kat takes down field a experiment

Bye bye PVC & hardware cloth

What’s more fun, building a field experiment or taking it down?

Recently, Dr. Kat Beheshti, Marine Ecologist, took down an experiment that she’s had up and been working on for a years! She started standing her experiment up in 2016, and took it out of the ground in 2021.

Overall she had 80 plots for her field experiment. Each of the 80 cages, or field plots, had 2 pitfall traps. The pitfall traps were tennis ball cans with holes drilled in the bottom. And the crabs would just fall right in! This is how they measured how many crabs were in each of the plots.

Over the first weekend of cleanup, she was able to break down12 of the experiment plots. Considering just those 12 plots took up an entire truck, it’s going to take many trips and a lot of time to get the experiment fully broken down. But that’s the way it goes!

For Kat, it was a pretty cathartic experience to be able to take the experiment down and wrap the project up entirely from start to finish.

Kat walks through her estuary ecology experiment starting at this point in the video. Check it out! Make sure to stick it out until the end for a peek at her dog, Abbott 🙂

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