A Scientist’s Emotional Self-Care Routine


What do our scientists do for self care?

#1 A regular routine of relief and acknowledging what’s good

If not daily, certainly every few days turn to a routine that gives you some relief. Allows you to acknowledge the things that are good and going well. Celebrate them! And be kind to yourself.

#2 Recognizing when you’re not being productive anymore

Sometimes, you’re just not getting things done. Whether it’s because you’re frustrated, stressed, or distracted it’s good to recognize when you’re not using your time well. You’d be better served if you pivot. Work on something else, or get away. Go for a walk for 10 minutes or take the rest of the day off.

#3 Go out into nature

Going out into nature can have a very calming effect and give your brain a chance to let go of all the chatter. Clear your head of all of the mess, and feel relaxed and OK.

#4 To Do Lists

Write down what you want to get done. Put in checkboxes so you can check them off. If you just finished something, add it to the list and check it off!

# Meditation

Meditation can be a really great way to train your mind to not dwell on the difficult parts, and instead focus on moving forward. Do the things you can do in the moment.

Train your brain to focus on the good. Think about the way you think about things when you’re in a good mood. The more time you think something, the more likely you are to think it again in the future. If you spend a lot of time thinking negatively or allowing your brain to go down spirals, it becomes easier to do. So, when you’re in a good place put in some thoughts to rewrite those pathways. Spiral in a better direction!

#5 Exercise

Get out, run around, lift some weights, go for a trail run or walk, and a swim. Anything that gets your heart rate going and the oxygen flowing is great for your mental health.

#6 Pet an animal!

It’s hard to feel bad when you’re petting a cat or dog… It’s science.

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