Favorite thing about Science-ing?


Professional Scientists share their favorite thing

How would our professional scientists at SciAll describe their favorite thing about “science-ing” in 1 word?

Dr. Beth Lenz – “Discovery”, “Exploration”, “Exploring Curiosity”, “Being with great people!” (we know we know, that’s more than one word… she just got so excited!)

Dr. Mike Gil – “Unknown” (in an oddly ominous tone…)

Dr. Burçin Mutlu-Pakdil – “Brainstorming” – She sometimes feels like her brain is on fire, and loves that stage! Of course, getting the results and learning something new is priceless, but the process itself is her favorite thing.

Dr. Joe Pfaller – “Collaborating” and “Fieldwork”

Rossana Maguiña – “Experiments”

Amelia Munson – “Discovery”, is something she should say something about, but really it’s “Monotony”. It will take a longer video to explain why that’s her favorite though.

Dr. Jennan Kharbush – the “People”, technically 2 words but she’s met such cool people being in science that when things aren’t going well it’s the interactions with people that keeps her going. Whether that’s with students, or well established researchers in the field she really enjoys interactions with other people.

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