Science Speaks. Will You Listen?


Science is an adventure limited only by your creativity.

Sadly, few of us get to experience this, but that must change. Help us celebrate the diversity of innovators currently pushing science, and the quality of the human experience, forward. We want to change ideas on science, and for more people to experience the creativity and adventure inherent to science.

Help us share that science is truly accessible to anyone with a thirst for curiosity and a passion for discovery. Science is for all.

Science can completely change the way you see the world

As a kid, Dr. Mike Gil, Marine Biologist, always dreamed of exploring new frontiers. Back then though, he had NO idea just how vast the capacity is to explore the world around us. To reveal new scientific insights that can improve the collective welfare of the human race.

He now knows that the curiosity of one individual, through science, can reveal insights that have cascading effects through generations of human beings and forever change how civilizations operate.

He now knows that science is not a collection of jargon filled facts. Nor… is it a restrictive recipe reserved for the elite.

Science is a simple process that allows for boundless creativity.

As a scientist, your capacity to make world changing discoveries is most limited by your own imagination. Seeing the world through this lens is encouraging. It brings with it the belief that human beings are capable of so much.

There are countless scientists – men and women of all races, backgrounds, ethnicities and religious – that are pursuing science. Pursuing truth through a rigorous process. The knowledge that they reveal can change the way that all of us live. Improve all of our lives. Allow us to sustain our way of life for the future of our species.

If… we listen. Will you listen?

Wouldn’t it be incredible if everyone had the opportunity to get to know a professional scientist?

Better yet, a bunch of different professional scientists that all look different and have different paths to STEM?

If that sounds awesome, that’s exactly what is trying to do!

We’re a nonprofit running on volunteers and passion.

See below for ways to support. Not able to financially help? Just remember, every share counts 😊

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Let’s Get The Secret Out…

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