Science Fuels Humanity


Science may have bored you in school, but it is literally THE reason our society persists today. The process of science underlies nearly every facet of modern life that we hold dear, and you engage in this process every day. However, for science to provide critical support to all of humankind, we must embrace this simple process of profound discovery – in fact, the world, as we know it, depends on this.

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Video clip attributions:
Arctic permafrost research in Denali National Park (funded by the US Dept. of Energy), Author: Dr. Ted Schuur

Coral reef research in French Polyneisa (funded by the US National Science Foundation and Sea Grant), Author: Mike Gil

“Hurricane Earl”, courtesy of the National Atmospheric and Space Administration

Stock footage:
“Hand Stroking Cornfield”, Author: stockfootage, License: Creative Commons 3.0, link:

“Monks Chanting”, Author: YuNu, License: Creative Commons 3.0, link:

“Sunset Swinging”, Author: YuNu, License: Creative Commons 3.0, link:

“Jumping in a Pile of Leaves”, Author: Beachfront of, License: Creative Commons 3.0, link:
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