Marine biology: Join the adventure


Ever wondered what it’s like to be a Marine Biologist?

If you had told Marine Biologist Dr. Mike Gil when he was growing up that he would one day:

Experience hidden sides of nature that would leave you breathless…

Push the boundaries of knowledge to try to help the future of humanity…

and that this would be his JOB?

Marine biology is working in harsh, unforgiving conditions, to reveal insights that help us understand (and, thus, better protect) valuable marine ecosystems.

If that sounds like an adventure, then this site (and YouTube channel) is for you!

What are all these videos about?

Sharing the how, what and why of not only marine biology but real life professional scientists. The purpose is to show you how our team became professional scientists.

Dr. Mike Gil will show you this secret world of marine biology, behind the scenes, and, in doing so, will showcase the power of science to change a life and improve the world. Along the way, different scientists he’s teamed up with will give a peek into the world of their field as well.

Learn not only how these scientists got started, but the incredible things they get to do and see as part of their job. So, come along for the adventure… and help change the world!

Learn more about Dr. Gil’s research in marine biology here:

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Let’s Get The Secret Out…

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