Confessions of a Marine Biologist: Collision Course with The Hilton


When you poke your head out of the water and you realize your boat is gone, you know it’s going to be an interesting day…

On the magical island of Mo‘orea in French Polynesia, we marine biologists generally steer clear of wealthy tourists on their honeymoons/anniversaries, but sometimes nature decides otherwise. In a twist of fate, trade winds detach my boat from its anchor, sending it directly for the waterfront bungalows of the swanky Hiton Resort and Spa. Can I catch the boat before it destroys an immensely expensive property and forces me to change careers from ‘marine biologist’ to ‘Hilton dish washer’?!

Learn more about my life as a marine biologist here:

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The music was created by my brother, Danny Gil, and his awesome band Downfall 2012:…

Thank you for watching — let’s Get The Secret Out…

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