Confessions of a Marine Biologist: Bros vs. Spider-Snail


Marine biologist bros visit a remote island, avoid being lost at sea, and battle digestive emergencies, while studying a bizarre snail that kills corals. Subscribe for a new adventure each week:

This is the first of three epic expeditions in the Society Islands of French Polynesia in the South Pacific, in which marine biologists from the U.S. and New Zealand study how vermetid snail populations may be linked to human development.

In this episode, after a unique run-in with a secluded population of Polynesians on the remote island of Maiao, and in a bizarre twist of fate, the marine biologist bros find themselves dealing with snails on two fronts: on the reef and in their stomachs (while scuba diving!). It’s going to take some serious guts (pun intended) and some help from our new Polynesian friends to complete our scientific research and make it back home safely…

Learn more about vermetid snails here:

Learn more about my life as a marine biologist here:

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The music was created by my brother, Danny Gil, and his awesome band Downfall 2012:

“Spider-Snail” and “Coral-Man” art created by the lovely and talented Julie Zill.

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