Confessions of a Marine Biologist: Bros vs. Skull Smasher


Marine biologist bros battle a massive killing machine, “Skull Smasher”, on their expedition to Tahiti to study the coral-killing “Spider-Snail”.

This is the second of three epic expeditions in the Society Islands of French Polynesia in the South Pacific, in which marine biologists from the U.S. and New Zealand study how vermetid snail populations may be linked to human development.

In this episode, everything is running smoothly, as the bros dive all around Tahiti to collect data on “Spider-Snail”. However, a giant monster is waiting for them off the southeast corner of the island – to defeat it (underwater) will take persistence, patience, and a lot of air!

Learn more about vermetid snails here:

Learn more about my life as a marine biologist here:

Complete a short survey after watching here (this helps me make more videos!):

The music was created by my brother, Danny Gil, and his awesome band Downfall 2012:

Special thanks to Dr. Jeff Shima for sharing his amazing footage of our friend Snout being tossed around like a rag doll :).

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