Biologists #1 Piece of Advice


Advice from real professional Biologists

If you’re thinking of a career in Biology, where should you start?
Besides studying in school, how does one become a professional Biologist?
What advice do other scientists have for anyone already on the track to becoming a Biologist?

#1 Talk to as many people as possible

Talk to as many people who have the biology job you want as possible. Ask them specific questions –

What are their lives like?
What do they like about it?
What don’t they like about it?

#2 Read A LOT

As much as you can, as soon as you can. Books, reviews, articles, everything! It also helps to have a good system to organize and take notes on your readings. In the future, this will help you remember and find specific information when you are in the middle of or writing about a research project.

#3 Find a way to get experience

Hopefully you’ll find a paid gig, but one way or another get hands on experience. Being able to get any type of experience, whether it’s working at a museum or doing ecology work, is great.

Find a professor, a curator at a museum, or anyone in the field who can help with a position. You’ll likely start at the bottom, but there are a lot of positions out there! Being a Biologist or Ecologist isn’t the same as being Steve Irwin. So, practical experience will help show future professors or employers you really do know what you’re getting yourself into. Work your way up to follow the path.

#4 Get even more experience – No 2 Biologists career paths are the same!

The more experience you can garner from other people, the better prepared you’re going to be.

Everyone has their own experiences and are forming all of their opinions based on those experiences that they’ve had. The more experiences you have, the more you’ll be able to form your own opinion and the right path for yourself.

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