If I’d followed my dreams as a 3rd grader…

Kat wasn’t always dreaming of science…

As a kid, Kat was not good at science. In fact, she was really bad at science! She was really good at P.E. and writing. Which is a crazy thought now that Kat Behesti is a Ph.D. candidate and Estuarine Ecologist.

So… what did this now scientist see herself becoming as a kid?

It’s a funny story… In elementary school she had a music teacher. She was convinced that for her job as an adult, she was going to be her assistant.

So, she was by no means a science protégé or anything like that.

Her childhood science project

In 5th grade she did a science project on, “How long do different types of cheeses take to mold?”

She timed how long that took. For this project, she had a pretty strict 5th grade teacher. Sadly, when Kat ended her paper with “I want to thank my dad for cutting the cheese” her teacher didn’t find it amusing 😂

So, Kat’s science career didn’t really start until she went to college.

Questions from Kat

What subjects were you really good at in K-12 grades?
How did that inform you when you went into college or into a career?

Are you doing something for a career, or field of study in school, that you are passionate about?
Why / why not?

Sometimes you don’t have as much of a choice (example, making decisions due to financial situations) , and sometimes you have more of a choice. let’s unpack it!

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