Downfall 2012

The music in the videos is created by Downfall 2012, my brother’s three-piece, progressive rock band from Houston, Texas. The band is comprised of Danny Gil (vocals, guitar), Boo Rogers (bass, vocals), and Casey Bowen (drums, vocals). These guys are blue-collar by day and rock stars by night, winning official and unofficial praise around the country, including Band of the Year (2012), Best Live Performance (2012), Best Bassist (2013) and Best Drummer (2014) at the Texas Buzz Music Awards. They’ve shared the stage with a laundry list of amazing performers, including Limp Bizcuit, Ice Cube, Alien Antfarm, OTEP, Hed PE, and many, many more.

Check out their website and support artists with the guts to chase their dreams! Oh, and here’s a little something to pique your interest: