Art and Science

As I have pursued a career as a marine biologist for the past decade, it has become clear to me that science provides the most effective guide for the future of the human race. However, it has also become clear to me that science, alone, is not enough — we need art and science, together.

In our current system, scientists continually fail to show the public that science is more than just the information it produces, that the process of science is raw, it is emotional, it is free, and, most importantly, it is relatable. Thus, understandably, many people who are not scientists see science as unrelatable and inaccessible. However, non-scientists of ALL backgrounds are, in fact, essential to the scientific process, because without their support, scientific findings fail to guide human progress. This includes progress to secure our species’ way of life for the future: for our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and onward. Never before in the history of art, science, or the human race has it been so vital to connect the people with the science that is intended to serve them.


This is where art and science come in: art, at its very core, is emotional, relatable, accessible, visceral, and free. Art can rouse diverse interest in science. Art and science, together, can help save the world. brings art and science together, using art to deliver short adventure stories from the world of science. I combine videography and photography from the stories themselves with original music, created by my brother, Danny Gil. Danny is the front man for progressive rock band, Downfall 2012.


That’s right: my brother is a rockstar, and I am a scientist (we’re pictured with our mom above). We’ve chosen very different paths, that take us to very different places (often on opposite sides of the planet). However, has brought us back together, to bring together art and science. It’s a family affair. We’re super excited — join us by subscribing, with one click, here.